APM Equestrian Center Tangerang Holds Charity Show with the theme 'Superheroes'

TRIBUNNEWS, COM. JAKARTA - Adria Pratama Mulya (APM) Equestrian Center officially confirmed their readiness to hold the APM Charity Show.

The inaugural event with the charity label will be staged Friday-Sunday, April 24-26, at their club base, APM Equestrian Center, Tapos village, Tigaraksa sub-district, Tangerang.

There is a fundamental difference from the implementation of this event with a series of horse riding discipline disciplines that are routinely held by the APM Equestrian Center. Previously, the regular APM Equestrian Center events were APM Classic (March / April) and ‘Cinta Indonesia Open’ (October / November).

This is more related to the philosophy of mutual need and belonging, an abundance of compassion and sacrifice, based on a noble desire to pour empathy to those who are more in need.

Therefore, all funds obtained from the registration fee for participation in each number (entry-fees), will be distributed to the equestrian elements who have been behind the scenes in optimizing the appearance of horses and the achievements of their riders, riders.

Horses are heroes for millions of people. But don't ignore the role of other heroes, such as horse trainers and nurses, that's about the message to be conveyed through the theme of this event, 'Superheroes'.

APM Equestrian Center on Saturday (4/4) has distributed invitations to participate in this event to the entire equestrian community which is spread in various clubs / stable in Jabodetabek.

At the same time also included the THB (Technical Hand Book), containing a detailed description of this event, including the numbers / classes to match and jump the obstacle that was contested.

Acting as president of the event was Nadia Marciano, Managing Director of the APM Equestrian Center. All APM Equestrian Center resources are empowered, including national riders Jendri Palendeng and Adi Katompo.

Rafiq Hakim Radinal became a technical delegate. There are two experts from the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), namely Lorraine Boutreau (Argentina) and Mr. Hamood Al Tooqi (Oman) –course design, FEI Level 2.

Lorraine Boutreau will be the chief judge for dressage, assisted by Nico Pelealu. Nico will also act as a show jumping judge.

"The APM Charity Show will not be successful without the participation of the entire equestrian community and friends," said Nadia Marciano.

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