Equestrian Cinta Indonesia Open Continues Friday at the APM Equestrian Center

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TIGARAKSA - The Cinta Indonesian Open (CIO) 2016 Championship will continue on Friday (11/11/2016) at the Adria Pratama Mulya (APM) Equestrian Center, Tigaraksa, Tangerang.

The competition starts at 08.30 WIB by staging competition in the harmonious riding discipline of the Medium Open class sponsored by Delima Mandiri. There are four riders who appear in the Delima Mandiri Medium Open.

Namely, Djolfie Momongan (Atlantic / Aragon), Jendry Palandeng (APM Wastle / APM Equestrian Center), Muhammad Akbar Maulana (Autumn / Kurnia Stable), and Andri Rahmad (Wonderland / Dwima-Almor Stable).

The Dressage Delima Mandiri Medium Open competition uses two foreign judges namely Marjanoviz Snezana (Singapore) and Lorraine H.Bottreau (Argentina).

The existence of these two international judges should be used optimally by Indonesian riders to present their performances here. Unfortunately only four riders compete.

There are three Jumping competitions that take place after the Dressage Delima Mandiri Medium Open. Namely, warm-up class 80 cm Open, warm-up class 100 cm Young Horse, and warm-up class 110 cm Open. All three with a clear round.

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